Kenya Moore Net Worth; The American Actress

Watching TV and the reality shows are truly fun. Whenever you are free, you like to watch TV for entertainment. TV channels produce many shows to attract the audience and make them the regular viewers. People like many stars of the different shows and want to know everything about them. They like to keep an eye on the events happening in their favorite celebrity’s life. In this article, we will discuss Kenya Moore Net Worth. She is an American, producer, actress, and model and television personality. So let’s take a look at the life and net worth of Kenya Moore.


A Beauty With Brains:


As a matter of fact to be successful in the showbiz having beauty is not enough. You need real relent to make fans and become a star. Kenya Moore is an American actress, producer, model, author, and entrepreneur who started her career at the age of fourteen. Kenya Summer Moore was born on January 24, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan United States Of America.


She is the daughter of her teenage parents, and her mother left her after birth. Later, her grandmother and aunt raised her. She is a successful actress as she knows that only those can rule the hearts of people who use their brains with the beauty.


She started her career in modeling when she was only fourteen years old. After doing many modeling assignments, she began acting and did small roles in many Television programs including the fresh prince of Bel-air, smart guy, and sparks, etc. In the year 2008, she launched her own production house with the name of Moore vision media. She produced many films and her first film as a producer was The Confidant. She is also the cast of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.




She also has done many film projects as an actress. Following are some of the movies in which she acted:


·         No turning back


·         Hot parts


·         Cloud 9


·         Waiting to exhale


·         Brothers in arms


·         and many others



In the year 1993 she won the Miss Michigan USA, and in the Miss universe 1993 she represented the United States of America and was sixth in the place. She was the second African American woman who had won the Miss Michigan USA pageant.


Net Worth:


Well, the celebrities have a strong net worth as they have sponsors, marketing, etc. She says that she is a wealthy person as she has a beautiful family around. But of course, her we are talking about the financial position of Kenya Moore. Kenya Moore Net Worth is about $1.5 million that shows how successful she is in her professional life.


She did not have a good upbringing as her mother refused to accept her. But her grandmother gave her the name and today she is doing well in the industry. She is one of those people who have worked pretty hard to reach a position. Like any other personalities, she has a huge fan following.



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